Don’t you just love a novice!

  • September 18, 2020

Don’t you just love a novice ?
My new sub had contacted me through email telling me his likes and dislikes we agreed a date and a time .
It was now his time to arrive at my chambers .
Calling me to notify me he was just around the corner .
I left the door open for him so once he enters there i’m stood , soft leather boots , figure hugging wet look dress .
At the top of the stairs (very powerful) looking down on him .

The door opens and in comes a very excited boy , Upstairs now boy .
showing him where to get undressed , i wait for him to present himself to me ,. giving him the once over , Get over my bench !

Strapping him down onto the bench i gently tease him with my nails , nothing to hard .
Then a light spanking followed by the strap !
His cheeks were glowing.
Lets turn it up a notch , increasing the level of strokes .
He’s a wriggler , glad i tightened him down now .
Every now and then id stop to stroke his balls , Making all the right noises i move onto my next implement , The cane .

He’d never had the cane before , i’d already got a figure in my head as to how many strokes he could take , i have to say i was very pleased with his efforts 15 medium strokes , taken well .

moving over to the medical area my sub lies down , once he’s comfortable , without warning i pinch his nostrils and clamp his mouth shut with my hand (breathplay ) i absolutely love having the control over you , i say when you breath ..

Reaching for my needle box , i remind my sub i’m in charge you will except the gift of needles deep inside your skin , without another word i stick a needle through his nipple . Wow “is it in?”
compose yourself slave before i start on your balls .
I then stick two through his testicals before i insert my thinest sound , oh he likes this , cock throbbing in my hand , i masterbate him with it !
Not long before he’s shooting his mess all over himself .
Not bad for a novice .
After having a glass of water and a little chat , he will be returning to mistresses chambers for more training not quite got to grips with the watersports yet .
He’ll learn , the hard way 😈😈

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