A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

Having admired Mistress online for what seems like an eternity I finally took the plunge and booked a 2 hour appointment and boy am I glad I did !! Why on earth did I wait so long ??

Communication in setting up the session was done by email and the process was done very easily . Mistress always answered my emails with just about enough words to answer my questions and I was wondering what I was letting myself in for .

On the day we exchanged a few text messages and before I knew it I was parked up outside her premises feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension . That all changed to feeling relaxed when Mistress opened the door and invited me in . What struck me first was how much more attractive she was than in her photos ( and she looks magnificent in those !! ) and also her pleasant and friendly manner .

We went upstairs and I was offered a drink before we had a sit down to discuss the type of session I was looking for and any content I wished to be included . I had quite a list and Mistress was listened patiently to me read it out and more than once I could see a twinkle in her eyes as she seemed to be relishing being able to provide what I was asking for .I was then told to get undressed and prepare myself in one of her 3 rooms while she got changed and to await her entrance .

Once she arrived into the chamber her mood changed and I was in no doubt who was in control and the following 2 hours were filled with me being put through various ordeals with Mistress fully in charge but at all times I felt safe under her control . I felt completely secure under her command and even though I was put through some painful ordeals ( all from my request list ) I thoroughly enjoyed being her plaything . I certainly ticked off a few things I had wanted to experience that is for sure .

At the end of the session I was delightfully “rewarded” for being a good slave , and what a pleasure that was !!

After the session Mistress made sure I was relaxed and then I was allowed time to take a nice hot shower before being offered a drink and we finished off with another little chat and I was on my way back into the real world feeling drained but completely happy at how things had gone.

To sum up I would say that this lovely , VERY attractive lady , provides an excellent service where the slave is under no illusions as to who is in control but she knows when to be caring at times and there is plenty humour in the right places in her sessions.

All in all she provides a sensational service !!

Thank you Mistress

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