A Testimonial – The journey – part 2

  • January 18, 2020

My journey with Mistress commenced with me being ordered to polish her long, black, high-heeled stiletto boots. Having done so to Mistress’s satisfaction, i was instructed to prostrate myself on Her bench. With both knees on the step and my head over the end, Mistress strapped me in tightly, then placed a blindfold over my eyes and muffs over my ears. Here i was again, back in sensory deprivation! Mistress’s voice was barely audible, but the soothing tones were re-assuring. Having discussed introducing an element of pain into the session, i expected another, perhaps more severe, spanking to that experienced in my previous session. What i didn’t expect, but certainly appreciated, was Mistress slipping some lube followed by a plug into my backside, with a strict command ‘Hold it!’, clearly audible. After a brief pause, i felt Mistress’s soft fingers fondle my cock and balls, followed by a sharp tug as She tightened the ligature deftly placed around them. My sharp draw of breath was softened by the sensations that rapidly increased as tape was used to secure the plug in place. A few pushes from Mistress and i was groaning softly, cut-off by the sharp application of a leather flogger, as Mistress started using my buttocks as a drum, the beat starting off softly and increasing in strength and tempo. Slowing the pace but increasing the intensity and alternately caressing me with her hands the stinging became more pronounced with a tingling spreading to the tips of my toes and my scalp as my entire nervous system started to respond to the application of the strap. i started to drift as the adrenaline and endorphins kicked in and, having thought i had reached my limit, found that not only was i accepting the strap, but actively seeking it out. Mistress was so attuned to my state that at the very point where i started to think i had reached my absolute limit, the strapping stopped and Mistress soothed my, by now, scarlet buttocks.

Unstrapping me and removing the blindfold and earmuffs, Mistress ordered me to lie down on her floor board. As i did so, i had forgotten about the plug, until a fresh wave of sensations pulsed through me as i settled down. Mistress tied me to the board with soft rope, then used another to hold my genitals in position, before straddling me and commanding me to worship her. i didn’t really have much option (as if anyone would refuse a Goddess) and after a heavenly period of time which seemed to last for eternity due to the euphoric state i was still in, Mistress swiftly untied me.

Ordering me into the medical room, i was strapped to the bench, still with the plug, ligature and tape in place. Again, I’d forgotten about the plug, which added a frisson of excitement as i lay down! Producing a small black pouch and an e-stim attachment, Mistress announced with a wicked gleam in Her eye and a gorgeous smile, that i was about to be sounded. Seeing the smallest sound in the toolkit, my queasiness at the prospect of having a length of metal inserted into where the sun has never been, rapidly turned to alarm. But Fear only exists to be conquered, and with my trust in Mistress total, i took a deep breath as, with a small drop of lube on the end of the stainless steel rod, Mistress started the delicate process with total concentration and care for my feeling. The sensation was terrific – never have i felt so focussed on a specific part of my body. Producing a pair of scissors, Mistress grinned mischievously then cut the tape still around the base of my cock and we both laughed as the sound slowly slid deeper into me under it’s own weight. Honestly I’ve never felt so relieved – what i had feared 5 minutes previously was turning out to be not only an exhilarating, but also a highly amusing and enlightening experience. Replacing the slim still rod with the flexible, nobbly estim attachment, Mistress started increasing the estim power – the feeling was incredible, the sensations reaching all the way down through my pelvic region. Mistress then produced the largest sound from Her pouch and, pointing out that there was a narrow end and a thick end, explained that She would use the narrow end to stretch me and then try for the wider end. With a big smile across Her gorgeous face and a wide grin and laugh, Mistress proceeded to insert the thick end! How Mistress and i laughed – the dead pan delivery and contradictory action was so perfect, as was the feeling of the thick steel rod penetrating me!

If you have got as far as this, you will have deduced that my Mistress is beautiful, vivacious, intelligent, demanding, perceptive, alluring, highly skilled, totally professional and has a wicked, bubbly sense of humour that manifests itself in the most interesting situations.

My journey with Mistress continues … what will the next episode bring? I’ll find out shortly!

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