My first session with Mistress V

  • January 22, 2020

On Monday morning I made my first visit to Mistress V and indeed what was my first ever session with a professional domme (although I have had some previous experience of BDSM). I came across Mistress V’s website a while back and decided to take the plunge. Initially I sent an email explaining my interests and Mistress quickly sent a reply asking me to call and make an appointment.

With me being something of a novice, I was a inevitably a little nervous as I arrived outside her chambers. However once I entered, Mistress quickly put me at ease and we had a quick chat about what I was looking for in the session, which was mainly CP, spanking, caning and so on. I then mentioned that I also liked some CBT and a glint appeared in her eye and her mouth developed a devilish smile…

Mistress showed me to a room to strip off, and then she instructed me to go and get over her bench while she continued to get ready. I placed myself on the bench and it placed me in a good position to contemplate the vast array of implements, restraints, and other devices (some of which I couldn’t imagine the purpose of, which may be a good thing!)

After a minute or so, mistress had got changed and entered. She quickly secured me to the bench, and started by giving me a spanking to warm me up. Next, tied my balls nice and tight, giving me a few gentle taps to ensure I knew who was in control. She then explained that she would continue the warm up with one of her straps. She interspersed the strapping of my ever reddening bottom with the occasional gentle swat to the balls, something that extracted a sharp intake of breath “that got your attention didn’t it slave?” and then “now ,I’ve forgotten something” Mistress left the room briefly and when she came back I soon felt a sharp prickling sensation on my balls. Not sure what exactly she was doing at first, I soon guessed that it was a pinwheel running over my tightly tied scrotum and then over the head of my cock.

After that Mistress resumed warming me up with the strap. Once she was satisfied, she showed a picture of my nice red cheeks, and also the pinwheel being worked up and down my balls. “I think you are ready for your caning now, I’d like you to count each stroke and thank me afterwards. I then got a first set of 10 strokes, which were carefully varied in intensity. After the first 10 she immediately asked “ready for the next set of 10?” I got the feeling that saying no wasn’t the expected answer! After the third set, I was beginning to wonder how many she had planned! Fortunately it turned out to be “just” another 20 more.

I wasn’t finished yet, as Mistress attached some rather sharp little clips to my scrotum and cock and gave me a very light and gentle flogging over my sore cheeks. I was then allowed to worship her absolutely wonderful bottom. Now there are quite a lot of photos of Mistress V on her website but I can honestly say that none of them quite do justice to her beautiful bum!

After the session had finished we had a nice chat and she explained that because it was my first session she had been careful, but felt I could take more. The session was a great experience and I will definitely be returning for another session soon!

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