My meeting with Mistress Victoria

  • January 15, 2020

I had contacted Mistress Victoria having seen her website and finding her combination of beauty yet commend very exciting.

I arrived and she opened the door at that point I realised that the photos did not o her justice her legs were incredible and her body exciting, so much so that I couldn’t stop looking.

We chatted where she dealt with my obvious nerves and she got to know me better, she decided that I could fulfil my long held desire to embrace my sissy side. She picked out clothes that could only be described as slutty and set about applying my makeup. Her makeup skills were fantastic I could see my face change reflecting the sissy inside me. As she applied the make up she teased me by accidentally coming into contact with her body and allowing me to stare at her stunning body.

Once made up I changed and joined her in hr play room she took photos and then made me copy her to learn to move as a sissy should. Once I was trained she asked me to select a cock for her to use on me. She put on the strap on and made me start to fellate it, to prove I could accept it in my arse occasionally she would allow me to taste her beautiful spit.

Once I had proved tit she made me mount her bench presenting my sissy arse and she lubed me up then entered me, the feeling was divine combined with her telling me what a slut I was meant I was in heaven. She fucked me for what seemed like days her cock filling me so much. Once she had had her fun I was unbound and told to get undressed and go to the bathroom. She entered having drunk water and when I was in position she allowed me to savour her piss. She filled me up and I felt so special having had the chance to taste her.

After I got washed and dried I entered a third room and Mistress allowed to worship her boots then feet then legs.Mistress Victoria has gorgeous legs and fantastic feet and I felt so lucky. Mistress Victoria is so beautiful, commanding and caring. She finished by allowing me to stroke myself and to eat my own cum whilst I look at her.

I had a fantastic time, one that I will repeat soon providing she allows me to. I cannot stop thinking of Mistress Victoria and i recall her legs, breasts, face, eyes, hands and voice.

She is amazing, perfect in beauty and control.

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