An Upcoming First Session with Mistress V

  • December 7, 2018

Mistress Victoria has kindly allowed me to write this for Her blog. I am on older (67) slave with many years of BDSM experience behind me but hope to explore new avenues of experience with Mistress Victoria.

Mistress has agreed to a two hour session with me and I have paid a 50% deposit. I love breath play and TENS electrics but have never experienced these from the confinement of a vac bed or had breath play enforced by face-sitting, which is what Mistress Victoria has agreed to do during O/our session.

I am really looking forward to the session and have read with great interest about Mistress Victoria’s sadism. I have never experienced real sadistic torture and want to encourage Mistress (hence this blog entry) to muffle my screams as she face sits me and uses Her TENS unit to teach me what it really means to be the victim of a sexual sadist.

What do You think? Should I ask to endure this treatment for the full two hours? Is there any other way the session could be made more ‘instructive’ or humiliating? I would love to hear from those who know Mistress Victoria well.

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