Another awesome session!

  • September 22, 2019

Oh my what a day! It’s been fantastic.
My Slave arrived, certainly dressed for the occasion full body corset, padded tights and a nappy
You’re going to enjoy suffering for me today aren’t you Slave?
“Yes mistress” what are you going to do to me mistress? Well my dear first things first, my anal hook is going up your arse then I’m going to attach the dog collar and lead to it, once I pull on it the hook will go deeper inside your hole, and once it’s snuggly in place I’m going to whip you because I’m nice like that 😂
After giving him what he deserves I take of the bench and onto the medical bed for some extreme needle play, I love to watch my needles going all the way through your japs eye 2, 3, four, hehe
Oh mistress you really love inflicting pain on me don’t you?
Of course I do my dear, inserting a couple into the nipple laughing at him while I do it
We’re going downstairs soon and you’re going in the dog cage until I decide to let you out!! That could mean anytime I want! You’re mine to do as I please..

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