Another wonderful session

  • August 16, 2021

Dressed in a fishnet body suit thigh length boots rubber bra and belt with cuffs attached to it I was ready for my slave to arrive.
A knock at the door he’s here, Lock it behind you slave, standing at the top of the stairs hands on hips, Up you come boy Mistress is ready.
Once at the top of the stairs I order him to his knees, worship slave starting at the heel then work you way up I’ll tell you when to stop.
Happy with his efforts I order him to strip I then begin to tie him with my ropes from the neck down teasing him and taunting him as I tie, I do love sensual sessions to.Stroking his cock with my gloves on he loves it! Now get on the medical bench I insert a sound I can tell he’s getting excited as his cock is telling me rock hard and purple veins I’m going to attach my e-stim slave you’ll thank me after, moving on to a larger size sound With plenty of lube it soon disappears inside cock,setting the e-stim on a low level to start with before increasing it as when I see fit, my slaves deep in subspace, relaxed I sit on his face for a few seconds inhale my beautiful scent slave
Time for refreshments and I’m peeing down my slaves throat before I order him into the vac bed, Zipping him in I pull his cock through the cock hole and attach the e-stim once again after 15 minutes I release him, I want you to eat your own cum slave I will catch it and feed it to you with that I order him to wank into my gloved hands open your mouth slave as it drips down his throat.

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