Role Play

Awesome 2 hours of Role Play!

  • October 29, 2020

My new client arrived at the agreed time for 2 hours of role-play .
After a brief chat i order him to strip naked , cuffing his wrists behind his back .

You do know why your here don’t you ?
“No mistress , i was sent here to do some diy “

Laughing “you’ve been sent under false pretences, your my toy for the next two hours” .
Pinching his ear i take him to the bondage board , Lie down , tying him down unable to move .
You are mine now , i blindfold him .
I begin to pinch and pull his nipples .

Teasing his cock i begin to massage it pulling and twisting , stretching then wanking every now and then just to bring him to the edge .

His cock and balls are blue ready to burst !
Not yet i’ve not had enough fun with you , untying him , i take him to the tall standing cage , i tie his whole body arms and legs to the frame of the cage .

Lighting a cigarette i blow smoke over his face ,open your mouth you can have the ash . Flick !! Straight into his mouth , swallow it !


Needing a pee i pull my pants down and make him watch me piss into the toilet box , i taunt him . Your going in here soon and your going to drink my piss .

Going bk to the cage i proceed to edge his pathetic cock .
“ I’m going to cum”
I don’t think so !
It’s now time to be my toilet , ive left the last lot of piss inside the box , get acquainted to it .
Releasing him from the cage , head inside the box , i cuff his wrists to the box and tie his legs feet and toes attaching the rope to his cock and balls .

Pulling my knickers down , i look down at him .
Open wide!
Once he’d drunk it all i lower myself down over his face , i begin to edge him more he can no longer hold it .
Giving him permission to cum , Groaning with pleasure i release him .

Your free to go now slave . Go and do your diy ..

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