Subspace Princess’s two hours of bliss

  • October 29, 2020

Arrived and got ready as usual. Chatting as usual mistress ties me to her bondage board upon her medical bench, shoulders to knees as she knows I’m partial to a lot of tight bondage. Head back, eyes closed as usual enjoying letting her do her magic leaving what she wants to do up to her…

First was nipple clamps screwed tightly on each nipple before a vibrator got tied between my legs, tip right against my clit. Squirming I orgasmed and orgasmed whilst not being able to move away from the vibe. Holding her hands over my face telling me to hold my breath for her I orgasmed again and fell into subspace.

This is where I’ve lost count of what happened for a while as I was in subspace heaven. Both nipples were released and big needles pushed through both whist she replaced the vibe with an electronic dildo that she hand fucked me with her electro probe it shocked inside my pussy, whist she left it in there she applied her tens machine all around my pussy and clit and had her fun with me sending me deeper and deeper with more and more orgasms until I squirted all over board.

Over to the bench next, strapped down… ‘I’m going to fuck you’ blindfolded and muffed, she slid her strap into me hard and fast relentlessly until I came again.. & she decided it was time for a bigger one now.

Not being able to hear, not fully understanding what was about to happen.. she slid the next strap on into me whilst using deep heat on my clit, & on the strap.. as it started burning, fucking me harder and deeper.. she slipped a gloved finger covering in my bum & massaged some deep heat in there as I came from the over stimulation of the entire session whilst it burned in the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt.

Coming down she thought I deserved a few stripes to go home with. 6 canes cold to the bottom. Sore I came around and eventually came back to life unfortunately.

I’m the subspace princess cause she’s the fucking queen! 👑 one of the most interesting and original sessions we’ve had yet!

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