Fantastic 2 Hours of Total Power Exchange

  • October 27, 2020

Fantastic 2 hours of total power exchange, with a sub who’s been sessioning with me for quite sometime now .
Having a brief chat before we started the session ,my sub reminds me of his last visit , “i love the blue and black whip mistress, will it be incorporated in the session ? And the cane , i really want to take more for you this time “

Over my bench where you’ll soon find out ! i’m going to use a variety of implements today starting with my hands .
Slap !
Making sure his bottom was well warmed up before the real toys come out .
I love nothing better than to see a well tanned bottom .
Moving onto the tawse , such a wonderful sound on contact , my subs murmurs tell me he’s on his way into subspace .
I walk around my object swishing my whip through the air , Crack !
His bottoms in the air , “i can tell you want more “
“Your arse is pushing itself against my whip”
Slowing it down as i tease his balls .

His breathing is calm and steady , taking my crane from the stand .
Your going to thank me for this next implement as i’m going to push your limits.

He needs to be proud of the 80 strokes he’d taken , ranging from light to medium , hard , giving his bottom a good rub i unstrap him and move over to the medical area .

Inserting my first needle into his nipple he gasps .
I then stick pads from the tens unit , above the top of his cock , turning it on he opens his eyes .
2nd needle in “wow mistress”
Moving down to his balls 5 needles
“mistress i can’t explain the feeling but it’s fantastic “

Sounds !
Using the slimmest insert it , sliding down deep into his hole .
pierced balls , nipples ,sounds and electrics what an intense 20 minutes on the medical bench

Finally i let him have some respite , removing the needles from his balls and nipples .
Once i cleaned him up , i attach the cock loops from the estim , starting at a low level and slowing switching it up until he is finally granted permission to release .

I look forward to our next session as we had a brief chat , about the whip !!
see you soon 😈

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