A nervous newcomer

  • December 10, 2020

After a short discussion on the phone the booking was made for the following day .
fur fetish
My new client explained that he was quite shy and has never visited a mistress before .
With a tap at the door I let him in .
Physically shaking I tell him to follow me up the stairs, don’t be scared I won’t hurt you .
He’d brought a big bag in with him I had no idea what was in it , putting my fur jacket on I order this quivering wreck on his knees , he then tells me to look in the bag
Opening the bag I was excited to see what was in side .
The most beautiful fur coat I had ever seen
Will you take this mistress it’s a gift
With that the new furs on and my slave is back on his knees at my booted heel
I want you to worship my boots before I allow you to worship this fine exquisite fur
Trying his best to please mistress with his boot licking I order him to lick the hem of the coat
Stand up !
I will allow you to smell it , Inhale the beautiful scent
Walking behind him I smother him with my arms . Smell it , Stroke it ,Lick it.When he finished I notice the hem is wet .

Your going over my knee slave i’m going to spank you for getting my beautiful coat wet with your saliva
Over my knee and giving him a light spanking as it is his first time after all .
After 5 slaps he informs me that he’s cum in his pants
I couldn’t help it mistress , it was the fur the boots your spanking .
Get dressed
Not so nervous now are you slave .
Great session for a first timer
See you next week 😈

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