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Fantastic session with sissy Danni

  • March 4, 2023

My sissy arrived at the time given , she always arrives with a full wardrobe for herself and lots of new bdsm gadgets. Today she brought some metal stocks a long with her , you can extend it in length ankles cuffed , wrists cuffed and collar also attached to the frame , once my bitch was in the right position all adjustments made it was time for the cock to go inside her arse , spreading her cheeks apart I order her to push her arse hole onto the cock. Telling her I don’t want to see any of the cock because I want it all inside you , she does has she’s told moaning and groaning as the cock slides deep inside her , now this is what I call predicament bondage there was no escaping the cock she just had to take it . She was definitely going nowhere . Having her in this position really amused me , so I decided she should turn around once released and suck the cock clean , something she’s never done before .

Once you’ve cleaned it I want you on your back I want you to deep throat that cock , as she laid down I noticed her pink silky panties were very damp with lots of pre-cum inside them , pulling them off I stick them straight into her mouth and order to suck the juice from them I then concentrate on her caged cock and balls with my small strap I lightly tap on the cage getting a little harder every now and then .

Happy with her , I take the panties from her mouth and point over to my fucking bench , get over that bench cock sucker , time to fill your hole again . She certainly enjoyed herself as my cock slid in and out of its hole , stretching it with each thrust . Fucking her for a good while before I order her over to the bondage board . Chaining her down so her heads free over the bench . Open your mouth I’m going to fuck you it ! spitting into her mouth before my cock slides in . Fantastic session doing what I love . see you next month Danni xx

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