Double Sissy Session

  • July 26, 2020

Just finished an amazing double sissy session, both have sessioned with me on several occasions.

Organising this session wasn’t hard as they both wanted the same thing, to feel a real cock in their mouths and sissy cunts.

I’d asked paula to come an hour after I’d started my session.

I want to give my sissy a really good seeing too before she arrived, lots of sucking on my strapon preparing my slut for what’s about to occur.

strapping my slut down to the bench, I lube the anal hook and insert it, then attaching my pulley I pull on it , sluts moaning encouraging me to pull harder.

I’m going to stretch your sissy hole for my slut to slip her cock inside you and you are going to except it, I’m in control now, I say who sucks and who fucks, while your here I’m the boss!!

I hear the car pull onto the drive.

paula’s arrived, I’m going to take you from the bench and put you in the cage until she’s dressed and ready.

Once inside the cage I tease and torment my slut. Running my hands across my breasts, rub your clit slut! I want that cock of yours hard!

paula then enters the room.

Releasing my slut form the cage. Get on your knees paula and suck! It wasn’t long before my slut was exploding into paula’s mouth.

Your turn now, return the favour lol.

Into the sissy room and get on the bed.

My oh my they were having fun.

Suck paula’s balls.

paula you wank your cock and when you’re ready, give my slut a facial.

No chance of that; paula grabbed my slut’s head and filled her mouth spunk exploding everywhere.

Carry on sucking those balls bitch!

You are both my whores to do with as I please, now clean up your mess sluts!!

Looking forward to when we can do this again, it won’t be long before they’re back 😈😈😈

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