Fantastic 2 hour session!

  • June 22, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session today , my slave arrived at the agreed time . Opening the door he was very excited the smile on his face said it all , I started the session with some shoe worship making my shoe licker concentrate on the soles and heels before sliding it of my feet and ordering it to clean my sweaty feet clean , tugging on its lead if he missed any . Threatening it with my whip and cane , he knows i’m serious and tries his hardest to please me , I notice a small dry patch and order it onto its feet and over my bench . Strapping it down back , thighs and shins . I’m gonna to punish you slave i’m not happy with your shoddy work , starting with the flogger until it’s cheeks were a light pink , then moving onto my bull whip , from light to medium strokes , his cheeks reddening after each swish in the air , slowing it down I begin to massage his arse cheeks , let’s give you a little rub before I get my canes out . Haha I see his face going slightly red as I pass the mirror , pulling the cane from its stand I swish it in a very menacing way across the air . After your thrashing slave , I want to see more of your foot worship I will make your tongue start at the very tip of my toes and you will suck each one individually . Count after each stroke and thank me , he does has it’s told taking 20 in total before he was ordered onto his knees to start all over again
. finishing of the session with lots of breath play and cbt . Happy slave , Happy mistress 😈

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