Fantastic 3 hour session

  • June 28, 2022

What a fantastic 3 hour session spent with my sub .
It arrived at the agreed time , calling me once it had parked its car in the car park, “i’m here mistress” giving it its next instruction , it wasn’t long before it was knocking on my door .
After a brief chat I ordered it to go to the bathroom and strip completely naked . Crawling back into the play room . On your feet ! once it was stood with arms tightly by its side I begin to weave my web , making sure
I left its man pussy hole exposed .
I’m going to finger your hole once you are strapped down on my bench , there is no escape ,lubing a couple of fingers , I slide them slowly in and out , speeding up my rhythm , telling it constantly what was coming next , On with my small black strapon I like to use this first before moving on to bigger ones , next it was on all fours in front of my fuck machine , moaning with each thrust it loves its hole being stretched and poked .
After lots of anal I order it to the medical bench for some edging , I know this is its favourite , boy did I love bringing it to the edge time and again also using my sounds on it for the first time , it’s reaction to the sounds was “that’s amazing “ I had a little giggle at it , face bright red I clasping my leathered gloved hand over its mouth , stop talking ! Carrying on with the edging . I straddle the bottom half of its legs sitting on them so it can’t move , hand over mouth I begin to pull on its cock , it wants to come , it’s not time for an organism slave , no it’s time to go into the vacbed ! where you will be edged even more .
Inside the vacbed I tease its cock some more with my gloved hands , then attaching the estim I switch it on .
I don’t need to ask if it’s ok in there , its cock giving me all I need to know by it’s dancing movements . Not long before it’s exploding everywhere , ive never seen so much sperm it was all over the place , a bit like my slaves legs when I unzipped the vacbed and it crawled out 🤣 fantastic session , see you soon IT 😈

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