Fantastic 2 Hour Session

  • June 4, 2019

Today’s 2 hour session, what a brilliant time I’ve had! 2 hours of foot worship arse worship, humiliation, spitting, smothering and water sports plus much more..

“Slave get yourself undressed and ready for mistress’s instructions.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Crawl into the room. On all fours you dirty little perv and wait!”

I entered the room; the only sound you could hear was the sound of my heels on the wooden floor, and there in the middle of the floor was my foot licking bitch. Pulling a chair up I ordered my bitch to get my foot file.

“Once you’ve got it bring it to me and then lie down with your dirty little mouth open.”

Filing the dead skin from my feet directly into this bitch’s mouth, laughing I told him to swallow it, followed by a big mouthful of spit!!

“Wash it down bitch there’s more where that came from, you love the taste of me don’t you Slave?”

“Yes mistress”

“Every bit, I’m going to share many things with you today from my cigarette ash to my piss, I might even share a fart with you if I can manage one lol.”

Feet all nice and smooth. Looking on the floor there’s foot dust everywhere.

“Lick it up I don’t want to see my dust all over my clean floor, lick it dog!! Once you’ve cleaned that come into the bathroom, my toilet needs a good licking. Get your potty mouth inside that toilet and lick!”

Pushing his head down into the toilet bowl I laughed hysterically as I found it very amusing watching this little wimp lap up all the stale piss.

“Hurry up it’s my turn now I’m dying for a piss! Get on your back and open your mouth. Pissing all over his face and down his throat, it went everywhere.

“Once I finish I want you to clean the floor, lick!! After that appalling effort of cleaning you deserve 20 strokes of my cane; they won’t be hard strokes, just hard enough for you to remember I like clean not shoddiness!!”

Once over the bench I gave him what he deserved – swish swish swish!

“Am I catching you looking at my cocks?”

“Yes mistress”

“Have you been fucked before?”

“Not for a very long time mistress”

Gloves on and lubed up, I inserted a small butt plug.

“Once you’ve got used to that one we will move onto the next size.”

After using 3 different sized butt plugs I tried my smallest strapon.

“I think you need a bit more training. Next time you come you will take that cock, understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Now get yourself up and go into the medical room, lie on the medical bed with your head off the edge.”

Sitting on his face and smothering him with my perfect derrière I could feel my tummy rumbling, and that can only mean one thing, I need a fart.

“It’s your lucky day today boy!”

Before you know it he’s chewing on my fart!

“Enjoy!! I give you permission to relieve yourself while I sit on your pathetic face!! Wank!! Such a good slave, get dressed, once you’re dressed you can come and mop the floor and once you’ve done that you can piss off home, until next time hehehe

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