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Fantastic day at the office!

  • December 20, 2021

Fantastic day at the office with lots of bum fun. My first of 3 clients for today arrived with a bag full of various sized butt plugs, as well as large plugs shaped cones he wanted me to stretch his hole as much as I possibly could, once naked and over my bench I begin with a well lubed hand to insert a finger one at a time stretching them out once inside, taunting him, how much can you take for mistress? sliding a dildo in he pushes his butt out for me to push it deeper, lubing up the smaller sized cone I remove the dildo and insert the cone I’m amazed at how much he can take, wow!!
Are you ready for the larger one ?” Yes mistress please fill my hole “ You don’t have to ask twice slave, preparing the larger cone I order him to sit on it I want to watch you fuck that cone id tied his balls previously with a leather lace his balls were a lovely shade of purple wank your cock at the same time, it wasn’t long before he was exploring into his hand, clean it up slave and I’ll see. you in the new year

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