Holding my hand – a testimonial

  • July 13, 2023

I arrived at the given address earlier than expected so had time to ponder what I was going to happen I needn’t have worried mistress rang me and informed me where to go 30 seconds later I was at her door we had a bit of a discussion about my experiences likes and dislikes first impression was mistress was very beautiful without trying I was told to go get fucking ready mistress will call you when SHE’S ready and then come back on your hands and knees when called I crawled to her she had changed and looked magnificent (and imposing) she put a collar on me spat in my mouth tied up my cock and balls the told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to fuck me and fuck me she did and was clearly aware of my limitations but pushed me as far as possible mistress then told me I would be drinking from her and not to spill a drop or there would be consequences I don’t wish to show off but I totally took the full stream and licked up every last droplet then I was ordered by mistress to lick her arse nice and deep the next half hour is a bit of a blur so I won’t bore you trying to remember all that I can remember with great clarity is I asked mistress if she would hold my hand (I really don’t know where that came from) but she did and all I can say is I had the most earth shattering climax Ever mistress said in all her years she never saw so much cum which made me really quite proud of myself if you’ve never been to a mistress or if you’re looking for the best then you’re searching is over look no further mistress v is here to cater for ALL YOUR NEEDS

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