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Humiliation & Degradation – a Testimonial

  • December 12, 2022

I came to visit Mistress V with an idea of what she was going to do with me, so I was quite nervous. I have a kink for wearing nappies so she demanded I arrive wearing one under my clothes, which was so humiliating. I was really worried I would someone would notice as I was walking to the session.
Mistress V, gorgeous as ever, made me strip and informed me she had taken a shit on plate several minutes ago. She then told me she was going to put me in tight bondage.
Picking up the plate of shit she made me unfasten my nappy and shoved some of the shit into the back with force, so it stuck to me. I then fastened my nappy up again,then she wrapped very strong tape around the nappy under it was so tight and I knew I’d have a problem taking it off, before she picked up some black plastic wrap she started wrapping it around my body, tighter and tighter. She guided me to her bondage bench where I lay down. She then tightly strapped me down with both ropes and chains until I literally couldn’t move. Then she wrapped the plastic around my head just leaving my nose and mouth free. I started to panic.
“Open your toilet mouth”. I open and she pushed the remaining shit in my mouth, and it was a lot. She then quickly taped up my mouth so I couldn’t spit it out. “The tape is not coming off your mouth until the chew and swallow the shit”. Oh god, now I started to wriggle and realised I couldn’t move or speak. She added more layers of tape to make it even worse.
10 minutes later I managed to chew a swallow a lot of her divine waste and she eventually free’d my mouth, said I’d done a very good job. I was being unstrapped and cut free.
Just when I thought the session had ended Mistress made me lie on the floor and put a funnel in my mouth, before making me swallow her gorgeous piss.
She then, as a final humiliation, sent me home wearing my nappy containing her shit. I had to cut myself out of it.
This is best session I’ve ever had. Each time with Mistress V is even better than the last.

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