Hard Sports

My Human Toilet

  • May 17, 2021

My shit muncher arrived. At the top of the stairs I order it to kneel and worship my feet, Shine my shoes with your pathetic tongue I want to see my face in them.
Once my shoes were nice and shiny I order it to strip, under its clothing it wore black stockings suspenders and a pair of big white frilly knickers. Get them all off! And get over my bench, I’ve not caned you for a while. Over my bench I stuff it’s mouth with a pair of worn tights then using strong tape I tape his mouth shut. Nobody can here your pathetic cryies now that makes me happy.

After 4 hard strokes from cold we move over to the medical area. I begin to cling wrap my bitch making it turn as I pull the wrap tight around it’s pathetic body.
When I’d finished I told it to lie down on the medical bench, inserting a needle straight through the wrap into its nipple it gasps I move down to its cock and insert 5 into the shaft of its ever growing cock.

I’m going to save the best for last shit muncher, You are going to be fed my waste and you are going to chew it up aren’t you? I remove the tape from its mouth removing the tights, I shit into my gloved hand, Open and chew you filthy pig, Covering it’s mouth so none escapes, I piss into a plastic cup, You’ll be needing this drink once you’ve eaten it all hahaha I do love to watch a pig eat my shit . See you next month for more of Mistress V’s delights!

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