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My Latest Human Toilet!

  • February 6, 2019

On his arrival I could sense my new sub was a little nervous; he had travelled a long way to meet me for breakfast!

“Would you like a cup of tea to settle those nerves before we proceed?”

“Yes please mistress, I need something to warm me up”

“Oh I’ll warm you up make no mistake about that!!”

Once he’d finished his beverage I told him to undress, and remembering in his email that he liked to cross dress, I picked a nice black figure hugging slut dress, black wig and red stockings with some lovely 4 inch white shoes.

After applying bright red lipstick, this slut was ready to suck my hard cock!

“On your knees bitch and suck!!”

Laughing as she got down on her knees, I named my new slut michala.

“Suck it slowly I want you to get it all in! Gradually, no need to rush”

My cock wet with her mouth, she looked up at me.

“I love your cock Mistress”

Red lipstick was smudged all over her face.

“Get over that bench you dirty little cock sucking whore!!”

Pulling her red panties down I used the paddle to start the punishment. I love to see red bottoms!

“You will take this paddle and my strap today bitch for being the whore you are, and once I’ve thrashed you I will be shitting straight into your mouth!!”

“Yes Mistress”

She took her punishment very well, and after unstrapping her from the bench I told her to get back to doing what she does best!! Sucking my dick!!

“The toilet box is out, lie down and get your head in”

I lowered myself down onto the box .

Shitting straight into his mouth, he tried to wriggle until I put my lit cigarette onto his balls; pissing into his mouth, looking down at this pathetic bitch swallowing my waste, washing my shit down.

He finished his breakfast, not all of it I might add but he tried his best when encouraged hahaha!!

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