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My new human toilet

  • June 29, 2022

I do love it when a new human toilet arrives , they always look so frightened trembling almost . Stood in the door way I order him in , having a brief chat I order it to get undressed and present himself to me on all fours , doing as it’s told he’s soon on his feet , stand still and look at me , I love to make eye contact with my soon to be toilet , he said he’s eaten poo before , I do like that . I hope your going to be a good toilet pig and eat it all up , it will soon be time to show me how good you are won’t it ?
Tying him before I tease and taunt him explaining that my poo comes in many different consistencies from day to day , let’s hope it’s a firm one so I can see it between your teeth hehe after some nipple play and scratching he’s soon under my throne mouth wide open eager to prove himself to me , I begin to pee telling it to keep up with my flow , nearly finishing I tell it to stop drinking it’s time to chew a nice smelly turd 💩, look up at me potty mouth looking up I bend down and poop straight into its hungry mouth , Don’t swallow it just yet , I want you to place it between your teeth once you’ve done that I want you to roll it around in your mouth making it into a little ball then show me again , opening its mouth I spit straight into it right to the back of its throat , swirl it in your mouth again , now open I need a pee you can have a drink before the next turd is about to arrive , I can’t believe how calm my toilet is , he’s loving every minute of it pooping another turd the last one , make sure you savour the last one slave , I laughed as I said my truffles are a bit like fruit pastels once you pop you just can’t stop lol , he will definitely be back for more delicious delights 😈

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