My 2nd session with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • June 30, 2022
Had the pleasure of my second session with Mistress V at her new Huddersfield chambers. This was a 3 hour session so there was plenty of nervous excitement as I am still a bit of a newbie! The new chambers were amazing and yet again a chat with mistress before the session helped relieve any nerves. Then the session began! I was ordered to strip then crawl on my knees and I knew from there I was in for a treat! I was placed face down on a bench with my hole exposed as I told mistress I wanted to explore anal play and take a strapon and that’s just what happened! Opening me up with her fingers first she used what’s called the beginners cock on me to get me warmed up. Then it was on to the fucking machine to train my arsehole even more. I stayed still on my knees and took it all as mistress instructed. Then on to my favourite part, edging!! I had already been edged numerous times at this point but I was put on the bench and edged over and over as she smothered me with her leather gloves. Then as I have a fetish for latex I was put in the vac bed and edged some more!! Over and over! Then back on the bench till I couldn’t take no more as mistress milked every last bit of cum out of me!! All I can say is amazing!!

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