My new human toilet

  • September 23, 2020

Fantastic session this morning with my human toilet .
Entering , i order it up the stairs .
once undressed and naked i tell it to crawl to my toilet box .
“Get your head inside the box pissy mouth”
Once it was secured and cuffed there was no escape .
standing straddled across the box i can see my toilets eager mouth opening .
“I’m not ready yet “!
“I will give you your instructions.”

“Open “
Opening its mouth wide , i begin .
“Drink every last drop “ pissy mouth , you can thank me for the privilege once you’ve drunk it all , now be a good boy and swallow.

Once i’d finished i lowered myself down unto its face .
Now clean it up !
pinching its nipples while it did so .

Get up out of the box . Time for some nipple torture .
Attaching my bucket nipple clamps i begin to tease its cock with my bare feet rubbing them all over its cock and balls .
You want to cum don’t you ?
Beg !
I’m going to take one of those clamps of your nipple and you are going to spunk in it , i’m then going to pour it down your throat , here goes .
Drink every bit ..

My toilet has now realised he’ll swallow anything for me .

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