Hard Sports

3 hours of total power exchange

  • September 20, 2020

3 whole hours of total power exchange.
My slave arrived at the time agreed, with his usual gifts in hand, poppers and leather bondage trousers.
Dressing it up in a silky white and pink sissy dress, it was ready now to take what ever I decide.
Over the bench for a light spanking before we begin the needleplay, lots of poppers in between each needle inserted.
I do love needleplay I find it quite therapeutic, not sure my slave finds it that way lol
once I was happy with my art work, I surprise my slave as I cover its face with gloved hands, I decide when you breath slave.
He’d never had sounds before today, I was impressed with how well he did with them I used 3 different sized sounds starting with the thinnest, working my way up, his hole opened up nicely and took all 3.
I was saving the best for last!
I’m going to turn you into my toilet, my potty, you will eat my shit today, there will be No getting out of it.
Once it was in position lied on the floor, mouth wide open.
I kindly give it some champagne drink it all up before your breakfast.
My bottom in position directly over it’s mouth.
Before he could move it was out and in his mouth, I quickly clasped its mouth shut.
Eat it potty mouth every bit, more pee helped him swallow it all, another limit pushed.
Want your limits pushing like my slaves?
You know what to do..

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