A Fantastic Session with a novice

  • September 27, 2020

What a fantastic day it has been two new clients , soon to be regulars of my play space .
My first victim arrived looking very nervous , once offering its gift to me he’s ordered upstairs .
After he’d washed and stripped i call him !
Out you come slave!
stood in my leather boots and latex
i order him over. On your knees boot licker ,and worship my boots.
He was enjoying sucking my heel so much i want to watch him suck my cock .
Stop what your doing slave , i’m going to introduce you to my virgin cock , it’s not to big and will fit into your mouth nicely without you gagging .
sitting on my bench now with my legs astride , come closer slave and suck it !
To say he’d never sucked a cock before, he had fantastic rhythm.
Time for you to experience my cock in your other hole , get over the bench .
With lots of lube and anal foreplay i begin to fuck him .
Wow he was enjoying every second of it .
I’m going to stretch your arse every-time you visit me and i’m going to fuck you when i want , how i want , where i want .
Your my fuck hole now .
Taking him from the bench and into my toilet box , i close the lid .
Open wide.
After drinking all my piss i lower myself down ,Clean it.
Finishing the session my slave has already got another session planned .
I always welcome a novice , lots more things to unravel with this one ..

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