My new slave

  • August 4, 2021

My new slave arrived full of excitement, after our presession chat I send it to the toilet, if you’re having my cock inside you you’ll need this douche ball! Coming from the toilet I tell it it’s time for it’s arse to be stretched, but not until I’ve flogged him and whipped his arse strapping it down tight to the bench, cuffing it’s wrists it’s ready for me to begin I lightly flog it, once his cheeks were nice and red I use the bull whip, happy with the results I slide my gloved fingers into its hole. Mmm it likes that,open your mouth slave and bite down onto the gag time to get fucked lubing one of my many dildos starting with the smallest, he has been told he needs to practice at home, with that I unstrap it, get over to the vac bed it’s waiting for you, once inside I zip it in I then pull his cock through the cock hole and attach my estim, the noises coming from inside were definitely the sound of enjoyment, before it got carried away with the electrics I release it from the vac bed and begin to cling wrap it before going into the body bag for more electric ⚡️ fun it soon explodes into my hand I then pour it down the back of its throat. Enjoy your waste slave

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