New Client – Total Power Exchange

  • September 10, 2021

My new client requested total power exchange for his extended session he wanted to test his pain levels, fantastic! I absolutely love to be in total control.

Blindfolding him I then put the ear defenders on him, clicking my fingers he didn’t flinch, guiding him over the spanking bench I warm him up with a light flogging swishing the thin leather strips across his bare bottom before I use the cat-o-nine tail whip increasing the level of pain, he can’t hear or see he doesn’t know what to expect next.

With the bull whip I create some nice patterns across his back and bottom, now deep in subspace I use my thin cane 25 strokes in total, perfect stripes deep red lines accurately applied I know his arse hurts. Moving an ear defender I tell him you’re going to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before, sliding my black cock inside him he begins to push his arse back onto my cock fuck me harder please I begin to thrust harder much harder, take it slave every bit of it I’m going to use all my cock on you, fucking him until he can take no more I release him from the bench, stand where you are.

I begin to use my rope on him from the chest down he can’t move gagging him I pull the clamp up on the penis pillory pulling his cock and balls through and begin to screw it down watching his cock and balls go purple as I tighten the clamp flogging his cock bottom and back while clamped was great fun, I then take him from the pillory over to the medical bench for some cock and ball torture using my estim I set it to squeeze on a low level before increasing it he can’t help but cum he was happy with his efforts, especially the impact play feeling his welted bottom before cleaning himself up, he’s rebooked his next session already, see you in 3 weeks slave

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