New sub!

  • May 26, 2018

New sub! Steve sat and told me his likes and dislikes before we started the session. My mind flowing with ideas, I said abruptly:

“Strip to your underpants. I’ll ring for you to come when I’m ready”.

I rang the bell, collar and chain in hand. Steve entered wide eyed!

“On the floor wimp!! Worship My feet!!”

“Yes mistress.

As he was smelling, licking and feeling My stockinged heels, I pushed my toes into his mouth!

“Suck those Bitch! Look at me whore!”

I tell him how I’m going to introduce him to My strapon.

“I’m still a virgin Mistress”, he said, as I spat straight into his face.

“Well you won’t be for much longer, lol I’m gonna stretch that arse wide and break you in!! Get on your feet and get over that bench”.

Once he was over the bench, I strapped him in and attached the collar and chain. I know at this point he is seriously worried. All lubed up, I fingered his hole. It was tight! I can certainly tell he’s never had anything up there before. With more lube and a gentle poking he managed to relax, I then decide it’s time to move it up a gear. I chose my silicone virgin dildo and pushed it straight in, and oh how he loved it!

“After all that fucking you must be hungry?” I said as I opened a tin of cat food.

“Yes Mistress.”

I put the hood on him as I don’t want to look at his face while he was eating.

“Open wide!!”

The first spoonful didn’t go down to well so I obviously give him another, washed down with my very own champagne.

At the end of the session I allowed him to relieve himself.

He will be back, and when he does I’m going to introduce him another of his likes.

Wakefield, West Yorkshire Mistress V

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