Owned by Mistress V – a testimonial

  • November 19, 2022

I could not believe my eyes Mistress in a black shiny dress wow should all Mistress curves wow . I walked in and we had a chat about guess what lol . I was asked to get undress which I did Mistress came into the room with pvc rap and it was not long before my arms were bound to my sides unable to move where Mistress guided with on to the bench once I was laying down Mistress wrapped my feet and legs but my cuck was showing to attention though the wrap exposed to the air then Mistress got some tape around my feet legs torso I wasent going anywhere well then came a cuck ring which opened and shut which yes it hurt a bit then came a long bit of metal which Mistress expertly went inside my cuck wow strange bit painful but then came the pleasure wow next came the spiked wheel running up and down my cuck that was painful in which said enough and was cut out of the wrap god was I hot in there . Over the spanking bench slave punishment time I could not see what Mistress was useing but it hurt and I cried out right said Mistress and Mistress peeded in front of me and then Mistress took her knickers of into the mouth slave stop you crying out and the punishment continued on my backside . Not sure what Mistress used but it hurt right said Mistress enough time to feel my cuck Mistress massaged my bum with lube then came Mistress cuck in it went I was told it was a small 1 ok I am not sure with that Mistress untied me and told me to lay down on the bondage bench and was handcuffed and then Mistress used electric on my cuck Mistress kept turning it up and down waves of enjoyment believe me . Mistress has renamed me it is Esmeralda Mistress V wimp and yes I am a wimp . We had a chat afterwards and Mistress has a pleasant personality out of session but in it so dominant but never once shouting can’t wait until next session Esmeralda xxx

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