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No limits sessions – a testimonial

  • November 30, 2022

I’ve been visiting Mistress V for quite a few years. I have got complete trust in her so all the sessions are ‘no limits’.

However, this time my nerves were getting the better of me travelling on the train to Wakefield as she had told me in advance that I was going to become one of her full toilet slaves.

As usual Mistress was waiting for me at the train station. She then gave me a bottle of her special drink – a piss and shit smoothie and made me drink it all before I was allowed to get in the car.

On arriving at her chambers I gave her my gifts, two industrial sized rolls of cling wrap, a bag of sterile needles and a pair of waddle pants (look them up on the net!)

So the session started. I was made to strip and then Mistress completely encased me very tightly in cling wrap. She had to help me to move to the armchair in the backroom as I couldn’t walk so could only flop into the chair.

Mistress decided I was to become her ashtray and forced smoking slave. She exhaled into my mouth and made me chew and swallow the butt. An ashtray was taped to my chin and I was forced to smoke two cigarettes then lick the ashtray clean and eat my own butts, they were still lit so I had to extinguish them with my saliva.

Needles were inserted though my nipples.

Mistress disappeared into the bathroom and proceeded to prepare my lunch – fresh shit on the plate then fed it me and made sure I consumed it all. Mistress very kindly produced a glass of her golden champagne to help wash it down.

Then slide onto the floor. Mistress had received a new pair of stilettos that day so I had to worship the heels.

The end of another brilliant session with a dominant caring Mistress who then cut me out of my cocoon. Removing the needles I bled a little which dripped onto the floor and was made to lick the floor clean of all the blood

shit Muncher

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