Anal Play

A strenuous rogering

  • November 15, 2022

Mistress answered the door wearing a short, black halter top dress that displayed Her fabulous figure to full advantage.

After our pre-session chat, the details of which excited me greatly as it covered several of my interests, i was instructed to prepare and present myself to Mistress in the main playroom. Mistress produced a new set of wrist, neck and ankle restraints that i hadn’t experienced before and soon my ankles and wrists were shackled together with a chain linking the two sets, restricting my freedom of movement. To complete the ensemble Mistress produced a soft black cord which was used to tightly bind my cvck and scrotum. The feeling of tight constraint was quite delicious.

Now totally immobile, Mistress teased and twisted my nipples before fixing nipple clamps to them. Then as they began to bite, Mistress diverted my attention by running a pin wheel up and down my shaft and across my head, producing an instantaneous response despite the bindings. Some gentle teasing was followed up by much more robust contact with Mistress’ ‘slave’ paddle. Mistress then produced a set of ball weights which were attached to my ball sack with a long-handled clamp, before being asked to swing them.

Satisfied with my reaction i was instructed to assume the position and hobbled over to Mistress’ bench, where i was swiftly secured with the shackling around my feet coupledwith the normal calf and thigh straps giving a feeling of total immobility. A sound spanking from Mistress’ fair hand was followed by precision strokes with a satisfying crack as Mistress elegantly placed the tip of Her single tail whip across my pinkly glowing backside.

Still strapped down, and drifting nicely in subspace, Mistress applied plenty lube before starting to slowly stretch my man-pussy before slowly inserting Her cvck until it was fully inserted. It had been a while, but with Mistress usual care and attention to safety there was no pain – only an increasing sense of pleasure as the pace was slowly picked up until Mistress was giving me a strenuous rogering; introducing a vibrator into the mix really increased the pleasure factor. However, as Mistress would contend, there can be no pleasure without pain. The balance of pain/pleasure switched in an instant as Mistress withdrew Her cvck and started flexing Her cane with the smile that says, ‘Now here’s the pain’. I’m not a fan of the cane and Mistress knows it but i do like to give something in a session as well as receive – so i contribute my ass as a canvas for Mistress to be able to paint stripes on with Her cane. In the past, I’ve managed 30 strokes of a lightweight cane, but today was 12 strokes of what felt like a more substantial wand. The soothing hand in between each stroke was blissful but trepidation for the next stroke only increased my feeling of dread and pure unadulterated hatred of the bamboo plant. At that point Mistress stood back and admired the stripes so accurately placed across the flesh, all nicely spaced and evenly distributed.

My next, much more pleasurable task was to struggle down to my knees and role onto my back in preparation for a long refreshing drink of Mistress’ finest vintage. Not a drop was wasted.

All too soon, my visit to Mistress V came to an end. i still haven’t reached the point where i think the experience has plateaued – in fact each session generates a desire to go further and harder to please Mistress. Complete novice or seasoned slave, Mistress V will take you as far as you feel able to go plus maybe that little bit further than you thought you could manage. Mistress V is a totally Professional Dominatrix – put your fears aside as you enter Her chamber but do be prepared for some surprises which will only enhance your experience of this totally amazing, attractive Mistress.

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