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Poo Latte for My human toilet slave

  • September 9, 2022

Picking my toilet slave up this morning from the train station was a delight ,watching it’s face as I pulled in , Opening the door I order it into the passenger seat . It didn’t have a clue what I had planned for it today .
Once in my chambers door locked , I order it to strip . Now slave what do I have planned for you , laughing I finish my coffee which i’d bought on the way to pick it up . With this empty cup i’m going to fill it with piss and shit and i’m going to make a shitty latte . Never had one of those before have you ? It’s not ready yet I need to punish you first , I want you over my bench and take my whip , you know why i’m going to punish you harshly don’t you ? Yes mistress I do . With that I begin with my bull whip lashing it’s arse cheeks leaving beautiful red marks all over it , until he could take no more , from the bench it was ordered over to the medical bench for some needle play , it should be used to my sadistic art starting with the nipples before moving down to his cock , completely closing his foreskin with needles , I then stick a lit cigarette up it’s nose , tapping its mouth shut so he has no choice but to inhale the smoke through its nostril , I know it’s extreme but it’s what it wants , No limit session .
After nostril smoking I remove the tape and cigarette. What was coming next was the grand final , it’s shitty latte , mixing my piss and shit it was ready for this potty mouth to drink it , estim attached to its cock and balls I order it Drink it now ! it gags at first until I turn the power up , swallowing the drink straight down I was very impressed . Showing me the remainder that was at the bottom of the cup , Not much shit left really but , I did send it home with the cup , I wanted this toilet to remember its session all the way home . Ordering it to fill it on the train with its own piss and drink it . Great session muncher

See a video of My poo latte here

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