Hard Sports

Fantastic Hardsports Session

  • September 7, 2022

Fantastic hardsports session this morning with a new toilet slave ,it came all the way down from scotland to taste my waste , just a little this time but it has promised to take more when it comes to visit again for a real enforced session , I explained the procedures as he looked at me in sheer admiration . Would you like to be a regular shit eater ? it nods .
Get yourself naked now !
It doesn’t like enclosed spaces so laying out a plastic sheet I order it to lay down with its face up . I then tie its hands behind its head . I straddle across this toilet and squat pushing every bit of shit out of me ,all over its chest then standing over its mouth I drop a little turt onto its mouth , then I go back to the pile of shit on its chest smearing it all over its chest , stomach and nose . I tell it , I don’t mind the smell of my own shit , I get great pleasure in shitting and pissing all over my toilet slaves . He soon found that out didn’t he by booking a session 💩

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