Sensual, Strict, Forceful – a Testimonial

  • August 18, 2022

Mistress V greeted me with a smile at the door of her well-appointed Chambers. Could this be the sadistic, cruel Mistress I’d seen described elsewhere? After a brief introductory chat I was instructed to remove my clothes and re-present myself. Doing so, I stood naked before the discerning gaze of Mistress; gone was the smile and I was now face to face with a stern Pro Domme who would brook no dissension. Grabbing my cock and balls, Mistress swiftly fitted a cock cage and started to tease and excite me but with nowhere to go my cock rapidly became engorged and constricted by the stainless steel, while with Her other hand, Mistress teased and squeezed my balls. Moving behind me, Mistress produced a pair of large medical clamps which were swiftly attached to my nipples, the clamp ends and weight dragging them down with a quite exquisite sensation. Leaving me to squirm for a while, Mistress came back with a long soft rope, binding my arms firmly to my sides while still teasing my cock and balls.
Removing the cock cage and clamps, but leaving the bindings, Mistress ushered me to the bench where I was instructed to bend over and was shackled. All the time Mistress was communicating with me, either verbally or in a tactile sense, sometimes sensually, other times strictly and forcefully. Strapped down, Mistress started to tenderise my buttocks, first with her hand, building up the pressure as my cheeks started to turn pink, before producing a flogger which was used to pummel my backside. Following this, Mistress said I was about to be fvcked with a thin cvck – the giggle should have warned me, as what felt like a tree trunk was rammed up my backside. However, I adapted to the sensation and was soon enjoying being rogered into subspace. Eventually, just as I was about to enjoy the fvcking too much, Mistress pulled the cvck out and showed me the cause of my pleasure – not a tree trunk but certainly not a thin cvck! Mistress obviously has a keen eye and is instinctive in assessing what is comfortable and what is stretching the envelope (so to speak).
Still bound, I was directed to the medical section of the dungeon where I was instructed to ‘make myself comfortable’ by Mistress, with a glint in Her eye. Mistress fetched a black wallet full of stainless steel rods. Selecting three and starting with the narrowest, Mistress proceeded to fvck my cock with the sounds; the sensation was quite incredible. I had feared it would be painful, but by applying a copious amount of lube and easing the rod into the eye, it was not only painless but incredible to watch as my cvck swallowed the full 8 or 9 inches of the sound. Easing it out, over a period of a few minutes, Mistress gradually increased the diameter of the sounds until the largest of the selection was sliding in and out with ease, with my cvck throbbing and pulsing at the sensation, until I could take no more.
Without doubt, Mistress V is extraordinarily tuned to the nuances of one’s body and mind. Being coerced to follow Mistress’s instructions without ever being forced to do something against one’s will – Mistress V seems to know with an uncanny instinct when to be cruel or kind in order to bring about total submission, and in return reward one with the most satisfying of encounters. My next session with this exceptional Professional Dominatrix is already in the diary. Thank You Mistress V for a morning of wonder and delight.

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