2 hour session with daisy

  • August 23, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my strapon slut daisy . She arrived at the agreed time , calling me from the car park I tell her to come across . Once she entered the building I could not believe my eyes . There she stood in a bright red figure hugging dress , stockings and a red wig . She wanted to impress me today I was sure of that .
Applying her lipstick I told daisy how brave she was to come fully dressed as my cock slut , smiling sweetly I stick my cock in her mouth , suck it you dirty bitch ! while daisy was on her knees I was plotting a scenario in my head .
Over the bench now ! you’ve been begging me to stretch you so you can take more cock for me , I’m impressed with your diamanté butt plug but that can come out now , your ready for the big bois . Strapping my self into the strapon I prod his hole which with slightly gapping . You want this inside you don’t you daisy ? I do hope your ready for it , with lots of lube I begin to gently push my cock in all 14inches of it , daisy gasps to begin with but she soon gets used my big rod pounding her ever growing hole , take it you filthy slut ! fucking her harder and harder until she can take no more . Thank you mistress she whispered once I pulled my cock out . Thank you after i’ve given you a good caning slut !
Pulling out my favourite cane I tap her cheeks with it . Brace yourself slut, after the first stroke she was completely mine , helpless. After 10 strokes I draw out my bull whip finishing her off with some beautiful zig zags along side her stripes. she has a very high pain threshold does daisy so I know when she’s had enough . Moving into the other room I begin to use my new sounds my she does love her cock torturing with these , sliding all different sizes in and out of her stiff cock she’s loving it .
We then go back into the playroom as the session is coming to an end I allow daisy to relieve herself over my bare feet , I then order her to lick every bit of , reminding her of its not done correctly i’ll cane her again , believe she did not need telling twice 😈

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