Sensually Sadistic, Beautifully Cruel

  • September 30, 2021

My sub arrived excited as usual for his 2 hours of sensually cruel domination, naked I order him to my bench, get your arse over there and spread those legs, leather mittens on each hand, fastened onto the bench I begin to strap him down,tight!

Lightly spanking his arse cheeks warming him up, his skin changes to a light pink before I begin with his flogging swishing it in the air before it makes contact after a while I move on to my single tail bull whip as my sub loves to feel each thrash crashing down on his buttocks, moaning in ecstasy with every stroke. Now and again id pause rubbing my hands over his skin feeling the heat from his flesh gently cupping his balls in the palm of my hand and gently squeezing them before continuing with the whip. Happy with the delightful patterns criss crossed over his naked body pleased me immensely.

Time for the cane my favourite implement 50 hard strokes and he was deep into subspace keeping him there I begin to lube his man pussy getting it nice and wet for my dildo to penetrate his hole stretching it so I could pop my electro anal egg inside him switching it on “Mmm that’s nice” glad you like it because it’s going to stay inside you now through out the rest of the session, we then move over to the medical bench, Lay down , it’s time for some electrics and sounds, i’m going to enjoy watching you squirm when I switch them on attaching my e-stim to his cock I use an electro sound inserting it I I turn all the electrics on, Wow he’s never had anything like it before, all those electrical sensations up the bum and in and around his cock, setting them to levels he could handle I pierce a nipple and turn the estim up a notch, before I could insert another needle he’d cum everywhere, I do love a happy ending 😈

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