Strapped down after the lockdown

  • June 22, 2021

With all that’s been going on in this past year it was such a relief that I finally get to make an appointment with Mistress. Needless to say, as I approached Mistress’s door, I was really quite nervous.

I slowly walked up those stairs that looked so familiar from Mistress’s pictures and was greeted by an incredible vision – Mistress in crotch high boots and an amazing tight black bodice. WOW!! My eyes nearly popped out of my head! My gaping didn’t last long as Mistress immediately instructed me to get on my knees and worship her boots while she had a relaxing cigarette. I was in heaven, how I’d missed being under Mistress’s control, I couldn’t believe that I once again had the honour of worshipping her divine boots.

On finishing her cigarette, I was instructed to undress and told to follow her, on my knees, to the bench where I knelt as she put on her new leather opera gloves. What an amazing sight that was, seeing her wearing them nearly blew my mind. As the CBT started, I could not believe that I was being touched again by Mistress through that beautifully soft leather. I had real difficulty controlling myself and felt sure that I would explode. Mistress’s touch is just beyond compare. I do not have the words to describe the feelings that were racing through my overloaded brain.

Prior to the session Mistress had instructed me to stretch my man pussy so that she would be able to fuck me with her BBC. Now was the moment of truth, had all that stretching paid off, would I be able to take it? The dildos she was going to use on me were placed on the bench so I could see what I had coming. I was confident that I could take all the small ones, but seeing the BBC up close and personal did make me nervous. Would I disappoint Mistress? Mistress, however, had every confidence that, with some gentle encouragement, I wouldn’t have any problems.

Strapped to the bench Mistress started to work, gradually moving up the sizes and I was taking them all in my stride, then it came to the BBC! Watching her put it on was both fascinating and intimidating. Then she stepped behind me and slowly started to ease it in. With each gentle thrust it got deeper and deeper, but not fully in. It was time for a different approach, time for the swing! Fantastic, ever since Mistress got it I’ve wanted to be suspended, gazing into those beautiful eyes as Mistress pounds into me. I couldn’t believe that it was actually going to happen!

Once in the swing, to add to my excitement, Mistress attached electrodes to my already throbbing cock, this was going to be just amazing. Mistress stepped towards me and slowly inserted the BBC. WOW! Looking into Mistress’s eyes as she entered me was even better than I’d imagined. In no time at all I’d taken the whole length of the BBC and Mistress was giving me the fucking that I’d longed for.

Mistress, I belong to you now and forever. Thank you so much for allowing me to be your slave.

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