Stretching the hole!

  • March 24, 2021

My new bumwhore arrived masked and a tad nervous.

Enter cock sucker!

At the top of the stairs I order it to strip down to its panties. Come over here and present yourself to me correctly, Pulling it over my knee I pull down it’s pants and begin to spank it’s arse.
Both cheeks glowing I push it of my knee, grabbing hold of its balls in the palm of my hands I take it over to the fuck bench.

Strapping it down taunting it. “Oh how i’m going to enjoy stretching your hole” I squirt lube inside it’s arse and begin to edge my cock in, slowly taking my time so it feels every ripple of my cock

Mmm enjoy it bitch you’ll soon be ready for my fuck machine

Sniffing into the poppers bottle it’s arse loosens and allows my cock to penetrate deeper.

Tell me to fuck you harder!

Loving my cock pounding you aren’t you?

One last sniff before I strap you to the bondage board and let my machine do the rest, Those last words seemed to get it even hornier, taking my cock out I order it to suck it clean pushing my cock deep down into its throat, Get your arse over there and get your arse in position.

Cuffing it’s wrists and ankles shackled to the board I insert the cock switching it on,on a low setting to begin with haha

It’s not long before I turn the setting up my bitch is now getting the fucking of its life, Standing legs spread I order it to worship my feet.

Suck my toes and I might let you cum 😈😈 He swallowed and left. soon to return 😈😈

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