Fun with My sissy

  • March 17, 2021

Once my sissy was at the top of the stairs I pass her a sexy pvc body suit with a bright red wig. Get those on. Laughing as I turn on my heel over to the strapons, I take 3 different sized ones and place them on the floor a long side a butt plug.

My sissy dressed and ready in the corner looking all shy I call her over

“Sit down time for your transformation. I want you to concentrate on the selection of toys i’ve put out for you while I make you into my cock sucking tart!”

Looking pretty with her bright red lipstick and glowing cheeks I tell her to pick a cock, She chooses the natural coloured looking cock. 7 inches

“Bring it to the fucking bench and get yourself over it and in position”

Strapping her down I slowly unzip the zipper which goes all the way around the arse And tease her bud with a light tickle, I hope you’re ready for my cock, Moving around to the front of the bench.

I push my cock into its mouth.

Lube it! Going back around to this eager sluts arse I begin to fuck her.

You’re going on my fuck machine once I’ve finished with you and your going to thank me

After her arse was well and truly stretched I unstrap her

“Get on your knees you dirty cock sucker I want to watch you get fucked”

My did she love being pounded by my machine she liked it even more when I dug my sharp booted heel into its arse cheeks fuck my machine slut unable to take anymore I tell her to clean herself up and join me over in the medical area.

Electrics and sounds to finish her off

She will be back, I’m training her to suck real cock. Watch this space x

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