80 hard strokes

  • March 25, 2021

My new sub arrived for his punishment, after having a brief chat he was soon ordered to strip .

Leave your undies on I want your bottom to warm up without marking it for now. Get over my bench, strapping him down I remind him he’s here to be punished.

Using my birch I lightly begin the punishment, after 10 mins I pull his pants down to check the canvas, Changing colour slightly to a light pink I pull his pants back up and proceed, My strokes increasing the intensity .

Satisfied with the warm up I pull his pants down, Time for the cane to be introduced, With the pre session chat earlier my sub had said he last took 30 strokes the last time he sessioned, Laughing I tell him 30? Hardly a punishment .

You are going to feel the sting of each and every stroke and you are going to count them . “Can you count past 30? hahaha”

Using my junior dragon cane I swish the cane through the air Crack! 1 mistress

He took 80 strokes in total from very mild to quite intense he will be back to be punished again . 😈😈 well done for your efforts

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