Hard Sports

Taming My Slave – making him Mine

  • December 17, 2019

Well I have to say the past few weeks have been absolutely fantastic!!

My D/s relationship with my slave has now progressed; he’d always struggled with hardsports so I wanted to push his limits and make him consume it. The morning he arrived I’d already plotted a way of making sure he didn’t fail!  Cling wrap ready with duct tape and a couple of restraints should do the trick!

“In here slave I’m going to wrap you nice and tight, restricting all movement; you will eat my shit today believe you me!”

Once I’d wrapped his torso I made him lie on the medical bench, finishing off the rest of his body, I then stuck the tape of over him restricting him more, straps next, then when he was finally immobilised I crouched over his face with my arse directly over his mouth; he had no choice but to accept it. Getting off the bench, I clamped my hands over his mouth and encouraged him with a lighted cigarette applied to his balls.


Swallowing the lot, I got back on the bench and finished my shit straight into my slave’s mouth, again I got of the bench and encouraged him with my lighted cigarette to the balls.


I own him. I’ll do what ever I like with him and he knows it, looking forward to serving him breakfast in a couple of weeks 😈😈

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