Tending to my darkest fantasies – a testimonial

  • September 19, 2021

Mistress greeted me at the top of the stairs, attired in Her figure revealing strict, sensuous bank manager attire – grey blouse, figure hugging short black skirt, black nylons and tall black stiletto heels – you know the look from Mistress’ recent tweets!  Mistress had intimated earlier that my limits were to be pushed – and Mistress honours promises!

Undressed, Mistress fastened my collar around my neck – such a comforting feeling, rapidly lost as my C&B were tightly bound with an elastic ligature, causing a sharp intake of breath.  Mistress produced a ball gag – first time for me, and not too uncomfortable, but the nipple clamps attached to it by a light chain were another matter – a portent of things to come!  Mistress ordered me to don a pair of arse-less briefs – a bit like my old shreddies in fact – which had the advantage to Mistress of exposing all the parts due to receive Mistress’ care and attention.

On the bench, strapped down, nipples pressed into the soft leather padding, but with the clamps attached, ball gag firmly ensconced as Mistress tied a blindfold around my eyes and ear protectors on.  The next 30 minutes are partly conjecture on my part, based on muffled sound and sensation. A firm spanking started to warm my cheeks, followed by the flat slaps and multiple touches of a flogger reaching all the exposed parts.  I’m pretty sure a whip applied the next level of intensity, as the contacts became more focused, with a sharp sting as the end of the lash cracked through the air and made contact with the, by now, sensitive flesh.  A lightweight cane next, i think – about 15 strokes, each placed with precision; this was no thrashing, but a carefully planned and executed caning.  A weight on my back – what was this?  ‘If that dildo falls on the floor, there’ll be five extra strokes’, Mistress gailyannounced, heard faintly through the ear-defenders.  Next stroke had a heavier feel to it but managed to hold rock steady – or so i thought – the object still fell off – punishment duly administered, and Mistress continued the planned caning with meticulous military precision.  5 days on, the pinks and purples have been replaced with wasp-like black and yellowstripes!  My first true badge from Mistress!!!!

Still blindfolded, a period of anal play ensued, resulting in a good fvcking with the largest cock I’ve been able to take from Mistress so far.  The pleasure/pain aspect was heightened by Mistress attaching a pair of weighted clamps to my scrotum while teasing and stimulating with a vibro at the same time.  The sensation was quite extraordinary and after a short time ihad to beg respite, not for the pain but the pleasure!

Released from the blindfold, gag and bench, Mistress re-attached the clamps to my nipples before beckoning me across the floor of Her Chamber, whereupon a white hood was placed over my head and my hands were cuffed behind my back.  Ordered to kneel, Mistress indicated that the soles ofHer shoes required cleaning.  Somewhere along the way, the nipple clamps released which did not please Mistress at all, and, ordering me to stand in front of her, proceeded to strenuously tease my nipples with Her nails , finger and teeth.  Being face to face with Mistress as your nipples are tortured is an exhilarating experience, watching every nuance of Mistress’ expression – mine are not very large, but i could still use them as a chapel hat pegs three days after the event!

Removing the handcuffs, ordering me to lie face down on the floor, Mistress proceeded to hog-tie me with a soft black rope. Unable even to roll from side to side, it was impossible to avoid the sole smacking that ensued.  Having sensitised every part of my feet, Mistress started to tickle them – i didn’t know whether to giggle ‘til i burst or screamed at the sensation; isettled for giggling like crazy!

Indicating Her medical bench, Mistress strapped me down with bungee cords, applied two blindfolds, ear defenders and then taped the mouth of the mask with insulating tape.  So iwas now blind, deaf, immobile and with restricted breathing.  For the next 15 minutes, i was a passive recipient of Mistress’ wiles and all wishes – truly Hers.  First off was a hot pain, first in my left nipple and then right nipple as Mistress pierced them with needles.  Massaging the needles with Her fingers then a vibro continued the feeling of pain and pleasure, but that didn’t satisfy Mistress.  A sharp stab down below as Mistress pierced my scrotum with yet another needle. i then felt a heavy weight and sensation around my cock, subsequently discovering that Mistress had used the infamous ‘knob-blobber’ on me.  Just as well i was blindfolded! Then a stiffening sensation in my coq – i could feel the steel of a sound sliding in and out , the internal and external pressures building as flesh was constricted between the smooth steel on the inside and steel teeth digging in from the outside.  Wanting to wriggle, but unable to due to the bungee straps, it was exquisite torment.  A slight pause, then a burning sensation on my left breast – Pitter! Patter! as i felt the red hotwax spatter my nipple, then slowly moving across my chest before engulfing my right nipple.  Mistress chortled that throaty laugh and commented that another part of my anatomy had responded positively, despite the weight enclosing it.  Still shaking with the experience, i could feel Mistress continue to tease with the needles in my nipples, until with a final burst of heat, first the left then the right needle was swiftly withdrawn, before the cooling balm of a medical wipe was applied to each.  As Mistress undid the muffs, then the tape, then the blindfolds, i was able to see the extent of Mistress’ efforts; nipples erect, protruding through a crust of congealed red wax, with a drop of blood delicately positioned on each, and a turgid floppy member, misused by an egg-topper, sounds and needles.  Just to emphasise the point, as Mistress started to pull the wax from my chest and nipples, further twisting and tugging ensued, ensuring that my attention stayed focus on those wide blue eyes and generous smiling mouth.  As Mistress unfastened the bungee cords, i was ordered to lie down and offered a refreshing libation of Premier Grand Cru – it’s always a pleasure to receive Mistress’ hospitality.  Suffice to say, little was spilled!

Ordering me back on the bench, Mistress proceeded to experiment with Her e-stim, trying various settings until i was writhing in prolonged agony and ecstasy, until the inevitable happened and the end of the session came, not with a whimper but an exultant, hoarse cry of joy.

What a morning – smacking, flogging, caning, analplay, fvcking, cbt, nipple torture, needles, foot and body worship,watersports, electrics – Mistress had said that limits were to be pushed today.  And Mistress is a Lady of Her word!! i have never felt more mentally and physically exhausted yet invigorated in all my years.  This was a session of Femdom and BDSM at its finest, planned and executed in such a free flowing and relaxed manner that without me realising it, Mistress truly had pushed my boundaries far beyond when we first met, me as a complete novice, just two years ago. i know that my journey with Mistress V will continue for as long as we both are able, secure in the knowledge that whilst in Her Chamber, my experiences may be terrifying but exhilarating and that  safety is never in doubt.

Thank You Mistress V, from the bottom of my soul, for starting to reveal and tending my darkest fantasies.

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