Testimonial – first visit to a Mistress

  • October 22, 2019

After years of flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress, yesterday I finally plucked up the courage, seized the opportunity and did it.

I’d been reviewing Mistress V’s website, and after exchanging a few emails Mistress V accepted me in to her control.

I arrived at her dungeon a little early. Trembling with nerves, I knocked on her door and waited. I could hear her heeled feet treading down the stairs, the door opened and she appeared in front of me. Wow. I was invited in and taken upstairs. After a brief chat to discuss my preferences, I was taken in to a room and ordered to strip… Naked.

Mistress V changed in an adjoining room.  I was trembling with excitement and trepidation.  Then I heard Mistress V…. “Get on your hands and knees worm”. I obliged immediately and waited her arrived. Then in she walked in thigh high boots, leather pants and Bra, wow, what a sight.

Mistress fitted me with a lead and collar, then pulled me on all fours into her dungeon. Mistress inspected me and then ordered me to kiss her boots. Mistress could see this exciting me. She ordered me to stand and then she looked me in the face, ordered me to open my mouth, and then she spat. With a wicked smile she ordered me to swallow. Then she produced some rope and bound me so that I was completely in her control. As she pulled the rope firmly around my naked body I could smell her beautiful face and hair, which excited me more. Mistress could see my cock twitch and noticed some pre-cum, she ordered me to ” Take care of it”, so I scooped it up with my finger and put it in my mouth.

To complete my restraint, Mistress then bound my cock and balls into a tight embrace. Mistress turned me to the mirror so that I could see my vulnerable, pathetic self. Then mistress left the room to prepare a drink for me. She then appears with a jug of her finest champagne and a glass. She poured a small amount first, held it to my mouth and ordered me to drink. I gagged as it was my first time, but took it all. Mistress then poured a bigger glass and ordered me to “down it”. Again, she held it to my mouth, tipped the glass, and forced me to take the lot, informing me that any spillage would have to be licked up. I took the lot, swallowed it all down, and successfully completed my first task.

Mistress then led me in to her bathroom where I was ordered to clean her toilet seat and sink with my tongue. Pleased with my work mistress then prepared me for my next task. She removed the ropes, but left my cock restrained. She produced a pair of red silk panties which she ordered me to put on. My look was complete with an apron. Mistress led me back in to the dungeon. She then proceeded to spit at me. She spat on the floor and ordered me to lick it up. She also noticed some pre-cum on the floor and I was ordered to lick that up too. Mistress then produced a mop and some spray and ordered me to clean the whole floor properly.

Once the floor was to Mistresses satisfaction, a mouth gag was applied, and I was ordered to lay on my back. She then lowered her beautiful arse on to my face, delightful!

The final part of my session was something truly to behold. Mistress lay me on her medical bench for some anal play and orgasm denial. She played with my cock whilst teasing my balls with a pin wheel. Sensing my excitement as she strayed towards my arsehole, Mistress donned some gloves and with the aid of some lube, slowly began to tease my hole open, first with her fingers and then a toy. Mistress also teased my cock with her vibrator which was sensational. Sensing that I was about to cum  mistress stopped the stimulation and grabbed my cock tight. “Control it” She ordered. I did, and then the stimulation began again. I was in heaven. Again, Mistress could sense my imminent ejaculation so again she stopped and squeezed my cock hard. I looked up mesmerized in to her eyes. Mistress then, without saying a word, released her grip and my cock erupted.

As a final act of humiliation, I was ordered to lick up my cum… Every last drop.

My first session with a real mistress was complete. And what an experience. Will I be back again? Hell yeah, if Mistress will have me.

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