Testimonial from James

  • December 3, 2018

It has been a while since I’ve been to see a Dominatrix but after viewing Mistress V’s extremely well detailed and thought out website, I knew that I had to try and book in a session with her.

After several short emails briefly mentioning a few of my likes and dislikes along with the time of meeting and the location, the session was soon booked and the day soon arrived.

Due to the unfortunate rail strikes on Saturdays, it was a little less simple than expected in order to make my way into Huddersfield. However, after taking two buses which after a short journey took me to Huddersfield Bus Station, I soon realised just how conveniently located Mistress V’s premises are.

As her address is listed on Manchester Road, Mistress V’s premises are extremely easy to reach from either Huddersfield Bus Station or just across the road where the Leisure Centre is situated. It takes less than 10 minutes in order to arrive on the road in which Mistress V’s house is and for people commuting, it’s more or less a straight road downwards from the Leisure Centre and a short walk.

Once I had arrived, I knew I had made the right decision in booking to see Mistress V. Welcomed straight into her chambers, I was soon instructed to get changed and wait for Mistress to change also.

Admittedly, the first 5 minutes of the session were tense and nervy due to my initial nervous nature when first meeting a Dominatrix, but those worries and concerns completely floated away once Mistress V had my on my knees and at her feet, gazing up at her wonderful leather and latex outfit and equally as mesmerizing eyes as she asked me to confirm my main fetishes and limits before the session began.

As others have alluded to, I won’t reveal what happened for the next 2 hours (you should book and find out for yourself!). I will say however, that it has been once of the most exhilarating, unpredictable and satisfying sessions I have had with a Dominatrix so far and I’m eager to make another visit sometime soon.

Book in a session with Mistress V today – you won’t regret it!


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