Testimonial from Slave Ian

  • November 5, 2018

2nd of November 2018.

I am sat on the train from Manchester to Huddersfield, my mind is working overtime. What exactly did I say that I was wanting from this session, “test my pain limits”, “four hours” have I lost my senses. My hands are damp and my stomach is churning from a mixture of nerves and anticipation. Finally the train pulls into the station and I board a taxi that delivers me to the agreed location, one quick phone call, a short walk and I am finely face to face with Mistress V.

The first thing that strikes me is her Eyes, Steely/Icy Blue, you could drown in those eyes, and most probably will if you stare into them too long. She immediately notices my nervousness and does her best to put me at ease engaging me in conversation. I hang up my coat and enter her play room were we discuss both our expectations.

She catches my gaze with those eyes, “Right then, lets get on with it”.

What follows is the most intense, exciting and exhilarating four hours of my life. Thank you, I loved it !!!

Mistress V is highly skilled. She continues to assess your reactions throughout the session, encouraging you to endure more than you ever thought you were able. Nipple Clamps, Crocodile Clips, Straps, Canes, Bullwhip, other Whips, Needles and other implements, all were expertly applied, testing my pain levels as requested but never exceeding what I could manage.

It is now over 72 hours since I saw Mistress V and I still proudly admire the effects of her work on my body. Will I return ?, without a doubt.

I expressed an interest in Enforced Hard Sports and Mistress V (Eyes Again) seems to think I should give it a go, who am I to argue with Mistress V ?.

Slave Ian

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