Testimonial from slave paul

  • August 2, 2017

For my First experience in the BDSM world i found Mistress V very understanding of my needs and catered exceptionally well. She slowly built me up from a light spanking to some of her heavier hitting equipment. She then used her nipple clamps on me, which i could tell she enjoyed using. Coupled with beautiful figure and lovely outfit i was left very excited. Mistress then moved on to using her pin wheels and Urethral probes on her comfortable lounger, which turned out to be very pleasurable. Mistress seemed very Skilled with these tools. I then had the pleasure off worshipping here beautiful body, which sadly came had to come to an end. I had an amazing time, and left me wanting much more time with Mistress V. She no doubt has some very interesting plans for me when i am collared in our next session. That which i am looking forward to very much.

Overall Happiness of the first session 10/10

I hope i have written this in the correct context, i was unsure what you will be doing with the review. i also forgot the names of some of the equipment you used.

Slave Paul

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