• October 3, 2018

Unfortunately, almost all Mistresses have to deal with timewasters. These are people who have no intention of turning up for a session. They just want a bit of free w*nking material. Some timewasters are actually quite good at being timewasters, especially with Mistresses who they think are new to the scene. Experienced Mistresses like Myself have become very adept at recognising a timewaster right from the first moment of contact.

Here are some tactics that might lead Me to consider you to be a timewaster:

Sending Me an email or a DM on Twitter requesting information that is readily available on My website.

Sending Me a Twitter DM saying “I will be booking a session with you soon” or “I will ring you next week” or “Can I ring You Mistress?” or “Hi Mistress” or “Are You online Mistress?”

If I don’t answer your Twitter DM, the most likely reason is that I think you are a timewaster. The only way to prove Me wrong is to read My website then ring Me, book a session and turn up.

Asking Me if you can chat with Me on Skype. Yes you can, but for a fee! See My Webcam & Phone Chat page.

Requesting a session when your Twitter profile says you are owned by another Mistress.

Booking a session then texting Me to say you’ve had a car accident / flat tyre / family emergency etc. Yes we’ve heard all the excuses.

Once I’ve listed you in My phone under the letters TW (TimeWaster) there is no way back for you. I will never answer a phone call from you.

Do not burn too many bridges!

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