Your chambers are where I belong – a testimonial

  • October 2, 2022

It had been nearly a year since my last visit to Mistress, I was desperate to see her again but also, strangely nervous about making contact again after such a long time. I picked up the phone and called. The sound of Mistresses voice got me so excited, all those memories of all those amazing sessions came flooding back. I knew I’d made the right decision to renew our acquaintance.

The day of the session eventually came round, walking up the stairs to her amazing new chambers my knees were shaking with nerves. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Mistress dressed in divine crotch high boots and such fabulous underwear. She looked just amazing! My nerves disappeared, I was where I had dreamed of being, I was where all my fantasies are based, I was where I truly belonged!

Mistress instructed me to get undressed in the bathroom. When I returned to her main room she was now wearing her extremely long leather opera gloves. WOW, it was all I could do to stop myself exploding at the sight before my eyes!

Mistress immediately instructed me to put a hood on, press record on her phone, get on my knees and worship her boots, while she had a relaxing cigarette. I was in heaven, how I’d missed being under Mistress’s control. I couldn’t believe that I once again had the honour of worshipping her magnificence. I do hope I get to see that video!

I must have pleased Mistress because on finishing worshipping her boots I was instructed to kneel up straight. Mistress then started to caress my pathetic cock with her perfect leather clad hands. That feeling is just indescribable, I was in ecstasy, I was in heaven, sub-space is real and I was there and never wanted to leave!

The rest of the session just flew by. Mistress is just the best, the things that she knows to do and the way that she does them just blows my mind and my…

Mistress, I belong to you now and forever. I’ll never leave such a long gap before seeing you again. Your chambers are where I belong, where I am happiest, where my mind lives!

Thank you so much Mistress for just being you.

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